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Leroy Merlin

130k users and conversions multiplied with the Christmas live event.

Leroy Merlin, the leading company in home improvement, has partnered with Marlene in Italy for its Live Shopping project. Since April 2022, the company has hosted several events covering topics ranging from barbecue to home and garden furnishings. These live events have featured in-house experts, prominent personalities such as Tessa Gelisio, Andrea & Michele from Radio Deejay, chef Max Mariola, and vertical communities like Grigliare Duro and Braciami Ancora.

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  • Diversify the range of experiences for passionate customers;
  • Open up a direct channel of conversation with users;
  • Engage the community in interactive live experiences blending shopping, entertainment, and real-time interaction.

On November 9, 2023, Leroy Merlin hosted the event “Christmas Styles & Trends”. In approximately an hour and a half of prime time broadcasting, Home Decor experts Catalina and Domenico, along with presenter Martina Pascutti, guided viewers through five styles of Christmas decoration, showcasing lighting, furnishings, and decorations.

Viewers were able to ask questions, receive advice via chat, and actively participate through polls, sharing their habits and preferences regarding home decoration during the Christmas season.

The event reached 12,000 viewers live. Within 24 hours, it significantly expanded its audience to 130,000 users.

Users in 24h

In just one day, there was an increase of over 10 times in the number of users reached. This was achieved thanks to the replay feature, which proves to be an effective way to continue attracting audiences and generating views.

Not only did each live event see a rise in order numbers, but the November 9 event even quadrupled conversions compared to the previous broadcast. This data highlights how a well-thought-out and long-term Live Shopping strategy can consistently yield improved performance and results over time.z

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Average live watching time

The live event successfully captivated users’ interest, keeping them engaged for an average time of about 12 minutes. Viewers actively interacted during the live broadcast, leaving hundreds of comments and 11,000 reactions.

“Live events are playing an increasingly central role in our project aimed at engaging online users. This format allows us to offer innovative experiences, entertaining users while showcasing various product solutions, and simultaneously activating a direct channel of conversation between participants and our experts. The online shopping experience transitions from individual to collective, becoming highly humanized with significant emotional connections with the participating audience. In live events, these connections become the main driver of engagement and conversions.“.

Caterina Clara Nincevich, Community Manager at Leroy Merlin Italy.