Shoppable video


Enhance the e-commerce experience with interactive “shoppable” videos

Integrate shorts on your website to inspire users and provide engaging video content directly integrated with your e-commerce.

What do shoppable videos do?

Product Presentation

Showcase your items, providing demonstrations and explanations directly on category pages, product pages, or the homepage


Facilitate the discovery of new items, sharing ideas, insights, and helpful tips to encourage conversions

Innovative Shopping Experience

Improve the customer experience by enriching the purchasing process with interactive content


Offer immersive experiences to inspire, entertain, and engage your community, fostering involvement and loyalty

How do Marlene Shorts work?

Activate shorts where you prefer on the website

We integrate directly with your e-commerce, enabling shorts at any stage of the customer journey and on the pages of your choosing

Create short carousels

We group shorts into collections of videos based on topics covered, products presented, live streams they are derived from, etc.

Use live streams as short videos

Maximize the potential of your Live Shopping events: we create short videos by selecting the best moments from your live shows

Offer a “social” experience... on your site!

Users can scroll through videos (like on their favorite social platforms) and discover products and inspirations through interactive and engaging content

The Shoppable Experience:

Featured products

Users can click on icons of featured items and purchase them without leaving the video, thanks to picture-in-picture

Add to cart

You can activate the option for viewers to add products directly from the video

Social sharing

Videos are easily shareable on social networks, helping you reach and engage your community on multiple channels

100% mobile-friendly

Shoppable videos are designed for an optimal mobile experience, providing the ease of navigation of social platforms along with seamless integration into the shop

What do we do for you?


Guide you through the technical integration and other technological aspects with the support of our customer success team

Strategic Plan

We accompany you in defining your shorts creation plan, from ideation to content creation

Project Management

We support you in all phases of video creation and uploading

Creators and Influencers

We help you find content creators, influencers, and experts to collaborate with for your videos