€50k in revenue in just 4 days after the first Live Shopping event.

Doppelgänger, a renowned Italian clothing brand, embarked on a Live Shopping project with Marlene starting in May 2023. Through its live shows, the brand aims to create innovative shopping experiences that evoke the human touch and atmosphere of boutique shopping, by suggesting outfits, insights, and style advice.

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  • Develop an innovative and engaging customer journey through an omnichannel approach;
  • Replicate the in-store customer experience and care online;
  • Enhance the shopping experience through entertainment, storytelling, and direct interaction to actively engage users.

On May 23, 2023, Doppelgänger launched its first live stream from its store in Rome, hosted by Filippo Nardi, TV presenter and brand ambassador, along with store manager Rachele Trovatelli and visual merchandiser Nino Morra.

In addition to showcasing Doppelgänger’s clothing and outfits, the hosts provided style tips and answered user questions. The live event also included interviews with key figures from the company, who shared the brand’s story and values.

The live stream reached 68,000 users in less than a week, aided by the replay feature, which is crucial for extending the event’s reach and generating traffic even after the live broadcast.


Users reached in 24h

Thanks to both the live stream and the replay, the event generated €50,000 in revenue in the first 4 days, with 500 orders received using the discount code presented during the live stream and a 60% increase in sales for linen products (associated with the promotion). 85% of purchases were made through omnichannel means, demonstrating the effectiveness of live streaming for Drive-to-Store initiatives.

The ability of the live show to entertain the audience is highlighted by the average viewing time of 8 minutes per user, indicating a high level of interest and engagement.

“Optimizing the Customer Experience and Customer Journey has always been at the core of our strategy, and I firmly believe that Live Shopping is a fundamental channel in this regard. It allows us to directly connect with our consumers and offer an innovative shopping experience, conveying the richness and experience of offline shopping – we like to think of Live Shopping as a form of ‘Life Shopping’! The numbers recorded clearly testify to the enthusiasm with which consumers have embraced our Live Experience concept – which is a true Phygital Experience – and they also fill us with even more enthusiasm.”

Federico Dezi, E-commerce Manager @Doppelgänger